The fascinating history of Mazatlan’s Carnival

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The fascinating history of Mazatlan’s Carnival: Enjoy the magic of our festivities and celebration

Noticia 07 de octubre de 2021

The fascinating history of Mazatlan’s Carnival: Enjoy the magic of our festivities and celebration

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This celebration with more than a century of existence is distinguished by its fun and music.


Considered to be the third best carnival in the world, it has its origins in 1827 where a banquet, masquerade and parade took place in which the soldiers who guarded the port participated.



In the beginning this festivity was celebrated under the "French" or "Flour" modality where people wore tunics and used eggshells with flour or colorant to celebrate. In 1898 it was modernized to the "Italian" modality and the eggshells were replaced by confetti and streamers. Mazatlan becomes a huge place to gather and enjoy the music and invites you dance by the Pacific Ocean. The Carnival takes place five days before the first Ash Wednesday.



Carnival Queen: She is the most important figure that represents this festivity, and her reign lasts 1 year. The first Carnival Queen of Mazatlan was Miss Wilfrida Farmer. The carnival parades consist of allegorical vehicles and where the royal cortege gives a tour of 22 kilometers offering a spectacle to the people of Mazatlan.



Queen of the Floral Games: She is the second place and is crowned as the queen of the floral games, where she is in charge of attending the cultural and artistic events of the Carnival. It was until 1925 where Margarita Cruz was crowned queen.



Children's Court: It was officially incorporated in 1968 and its election is based on economic votes. The children's festivities are held on the Monday prior to Tuesday of Carnival where children compete with costumes and a little queen is crowned.



King of Carnival or King of Joy: Gerardo de la Vega was the first king of joy in 1898. The king should be distinguished for being cheerful, cheerful, fun and popular. His election is based on how much they want to invest in his campaign.



Naval Battle: It is a firework show on the beach, where the people of Mazatlan enjoy fireworks next to the Pacific Ocean, it takes place in Olas Altas and is held on a carnival Saturday.



All these festivities can be enjoyed in a more comfortable and accessible way by staying at a beachfront hotel in Mazatlan.