3 beaches you must visit in Mazatlán Sinaloa:

Mazatlán Sinaloa tourist destination par excellence, better known as the "Pearl of the Pacific", has about 17 km of golden beaches, where you can spend sunny days, full of good vibes that will give you amazing landscapes and good music; But, What are the beaches you should not forget in your itinerary?




1. Olas Altas Beach

A small beach in the heart of the historic center of Mazatlán, is in old Mazatlán. Unique waters because when you arrive you go back 40 years ago for its history and landscapes, a picturesque beach that is characterized by waves where waves come with great force and large size, ideal for surfing and bodyboard lovers, not for nothing is the name of waves high !, You can also sunbathe accompanied by a delicious cocohorchata.

Fun fact: t some time of the year the sand moves, giving the appearance that the rocks have moved by magic.

Recommendations: Do not forget to bring your umbrella, your cooler, water, towel, swimsuit, sunscreen and do not litter.




2. Cerritos Beach

Located north of Mazatlán, it is a beach with somewhat calm waters for those who like to bathe and sunbathe in a more organic way, but if you need to when a big wave breaks, so always with caution.

Cerritos is characterized by being a "semi-virgin" beach at a short distance, since only a few minutes away is the Golden Zone; You will find a rest environment and you can have with nature through artisanal fishing or a horse ride, and although you want to wake up with a dream postcard Cerritos will not disappoint you, since in the months of October and November they are the preferred ones to do A moon in the company of your family and friends.

If you are hungry there will be no problem because there are more than 130 places that will offer you very varied menus from exquisite seafood to international food.

Fun fact: in the months of December to February, turtles sprout from their husks, so if you get to see them lost, help them get to the sea and don't mistreat them or take them away.

Recommendations: Do not forget the towel, water, swimsuit, sunscreen, be attentive to the red flags and of course do not litter.



3. Venados Beach or Venados Island

It is located in front of the coast of Mazatlán, its way of arriving is different and a little varied, it can be by boat, by kayak and if you are an expert you can do it by swimming, but always with someone's supervision do not forget it.

If you want to meet Mazatlán with other eyes, the ideal place is here, because its waters are as calm, it is also surrounded by a variety of flora and fauna that accompany it as squirrels, bats and of course deer! Even if you want to "get away" from civilization and meditate a little here you can do it.

Here you can practice snorkeling, diving and windsurfing if you decide, where you will know the marvel of marine flora and fauna, which you will be impressed with, don't you find it fascinating?

Fun fact: it is an area that is in charge of the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP), and if your plan is to go, it is mandatory to take the garbage with you and take care of the biodiversity of the place.

Recommendations: Eat before going to the island, wear a variety of clothes, water, sunscreen and do not litter.