Mazatlán with its boardwalk, the longest to date!:

With only 21 km long, overlooking its paradisiacal blue waters, full of golden sand, surrounded by hotel complexes of different categories, a variety of places to eat and attractions where to spend the best of your vacation, they certainly could not be alone than in Mazatlán Sinaloa.



It is a boardwalk to walk with those we love most in the morning, afternoon or evening; you can't talk about the environment that they live along their 21 km, or that they cover them in the only transport such as golf carts, the "pneumonia"



The pearl of the Pacific is inhabited by animals such as sea lions, herons, ducks, turtles and even whales.



The boardwalk is a place to walk and get lost in the Pacific with its sunset views eating delicious dishes and watching the beautiful sunset.


One of the most beautiful seawalls in all of Mexico awaits you with open arms to enjoy its paradisiacal beaches and you do NOT need to spend large amounts, since this port allows you to travel cheaply and with the comfort you need; and so that you do not run out of room, the best option is to book where you find different coupons of up to 10% in their different types of accommodation, do not think about it and come to Mazatlan Sinaloa!