Meals you will only see in Mazatlán :

1. Aguachile

Dish of Sinaloense origin, consists of 3 basic ingredients: shrimp, chilies and lemon and so that it is left with a true Sinaloa aguachile, cucumber and purple onion are added to taste. The aguachile we know today is not how it was initially created, because the shrimp was machaca and the lemon was water. However, now this delicious dish is prepared, it is still a true delicacy and a faithful companion to spend a day at the beach.




At its base is a finely flattened corn mace with a somewhat crunchy toasted finish, colloquially known in Mazatlán as chubby, it is muddy with pork seats, then Chihuahua cheese is spread and on top of this roasted meat is added and if You want to put cabbage, onion and a rich spicy sauce, either green or red.

3. Caguamanta

Stewed for those who like to eat something more exotic, its star ingredient is the stingray that is accompanied by carrot, onion, lemon, salt, peas and cannot miss their tortillas.



4. Mazatleco roast

Certainly, something roasted could not be missing in this count, so this dish is a must and consists of fried potatoes and meat bathed in a tomato sauce and is accompanied with vegetables, in some cases cucumber and bottle sauce are added.



5. Taco governor

This was created in the restaurant Los Arcos in 1987, honoring Governor Francisco Labastida Ochoa at that time, and this consists of a corn tortilla quesadilla that has cheese, shrimp, onion and chili inside.