The best things to do in Mazatlán

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The best things to do in Mazatlán: These activities will make your visit something unforgettable

Noticia 23 de septiembre de 2021

The best things to do in Mazatlán: These activities will make your visit something unforgettable

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If you are thinking of visiting Mazatlán you will surely ask yourself what are some of the best things you can do there?


And it is very common that when we arrive at our destination we want to know it’s most emblematic or fun places, so here we leave you some excellent recommendations in order for you to enjoy our port.



The second longest boardwalk in the world
If you visit this tourist port, it is inevitable that you will not appreciate the greatness of its boardwalk, and it is because along its 21 km you can enjoy a pleasant walk feeling the sea breeze on your face, but above all you will contemplate an extraordinary view of the beach and the sea ​​at any angle.



The highest Natural Lighthouse in the world
Located on Creston Hill, we have this peculiarity that it is settled on what was formerly an island and has a length of 641 meters by 321 meters wide and an altitude of 157 meters, making it the largest natural lighthouse of the world.


What makes it even more interesting is taking the challenge of walking it up, either to exercise or to reach the top and contemplate a beautiful panoramic view of the city or sunsets that you can capture in a photograph and save as a unique moment.



Mazatlan Aquarium
Located just 1 block from the boardwalk, this is the ideal place to get to know the marine world, we can find the largest fish tanks in Latin America, the Oceanic fish tank, where you can enjoy shows such as the diving show, sea lions and exotic birds (macaws), as well as swimming with sharks or feed the sea lions.


Also in it we can find an educational exhibition of predators (snakes, birds of prey and more), a Flamingo Zone, Medusa tank, in special seasons they will take you to the beach to release turtles into the sea and it also has a Penguinarium, this being one of the best in Mexico.



Historic Center, Plaza Machado and Angela Peralta Theater
If we talk about history and tradition, surely you have to visit our Historic Center, since Mazatlán is considered the only colonial city by the beach in the entire country.


In the heart of this historic center we can find the traditional Plaza Machado built in 1837 and considered the oldest and most popular in the port, it is surrounded by restaurants where you can enjoy the a delicious Mazatleca cuisine.


You can also find the emblematic Angela Peralta Theater, built in 1874 and the site of all the cultural life of Mazatlán, so if you are a great admirer of theatrical works be sure to contemplate and appreciate a staging in this majestic place.



Mazatlecas Beaches
If we talk about Mazatlán it is inevitable not to mention its beautiful beaches, and they are characterized by their beauty and cleanliness without neglecting that they are extremely quiet to enjoy a good swim in the sea.


Among the most popular beaches in the port we can find the following: Playa Las Brujas, Playa Camarón, Playa Sábalo, Isla de la Piedra, Playa Los Pinos, Playa Cerritos, Playa Gaviotas, Playa Olas Altas and Playa Norte.



Basilica Cathedral of Mazatlan
It is the main religious building in the city of Mazatlán, it has a baroque style and headquarters of the Diocese of Mazatlán, it is located in the historic center, this is the place where every Sunday faithful believers of the Catholic religion meet to listen to the traditional Sunday mass.



Baseball Stadium "Teodoro Mariscal"
Mazatlán has its professional baseball team "Venados de Mazatlán" in the Mexican Pacific League, this team is undoubtedly already a tradition of the port, because in each of their games they vibrate with emotion to the hundreds of fans who gather at the wonderful Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, in this venue you can enjoy a good game of baseball and its traditional food, the exquisite grilled sausages. An experience that without a doubt you cannot miss!



Soccer Stadium "El Kraken"
In 2020, the first division soccer team “Mazatlán Futbol Club” was born in Mazatlán, which has a first-rate stadium known as “El Kraken” that without a doubt it has become one of the new attractions of the port that you cannot miss, since that there are moments of adrenaline and emotion with the cheers of both teams.



To complement your experience in the Pearl of the Pacific, we recommend staying in an all-inclusive hotel on the beach in Mazatlán, so that you can experience these activities more easily thanks to the help that the hotel will offer you during your visit.