The Venados De Mazatlán :

Each season the team of Mazatlán deer baseball team is responsible for providing their fans with a show that fills them with passion for their favorite sport, they have 9 championships in their history in the Mexican Pacific League and 2 Caribbean series championships.



The team plays at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium; something that distinguishes the team are its vibrant colors red and white.



The team has positioned itself in one of the favorites of the public, for this reason year after year they bring the best players to continue among the tastes of the most demanding.



We invite you to follow them on social networks so you can find out when they will be playing.




The most famous baseball team in the Pacific is a spectacle that you have to live on this coast, you just need to travel to Mazatlan; and for that it is NOT necessary to disburse large amounts, since this port allows you to travel cheaply and with the comfort you need; so that you do not run out of room, the best option is to book where you find different coupons of up to 10% in their different types of accommodation; Don't think about it anymore and come to Mazatlan Sinaloa!