Typical drinks of Mazatlan:

To be between the sun and the sea, you always crave a delicious drink, here are the best you will only find in Mazatlán!



1. Tejuino

Drink prepared with corn dough, brown sugar and fermented for a couple of days, you can put salt and lemon to get a truly refreshing taste, this delight can be found in the streets of all Mazatlán since its vendors are around carts where the They offer with their peculiar peripheral sound.



2. Pacific beer

Symbolic drink of the Pacific and the most consumed in Sinaloa for those who decide to put it in all their meetings, earning in 2013 the recognition of the best beer in the world.



3. Cocohorchata

Combination of two of the flavors preferred by people coconut and horchata, an explosion of flavors that varies according to the taste or preparation that is given, but its base ingredients are those already mentioned, the richest you find them in the posts that are on the roads!



4. Barley

Drink prepared with milk, sugar and of course barley, very easy to prepare, but certainly a water that will fascinate you!