What you cannot miss if you visit Mazatlan

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What you cannot miss if you visit Mazatlan: These incredible tourist attractions will conquer you.

Noticia 11 de septiembre de 2021

What you cannot miss if you visit Mazatlan: These incredible tourist attractions will conquer you.

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Mazatlan, in addition to its incredible beaches, has endless activities and tourist attractions that complement your vacations.

Undoubtedly in the port we can find a great variety of seafood, but the El Cuchupetas restaurant is certainly the most typical seafood restaurant in the region.



And if we talk about traditions, of course we cannot leave behind the famous "Pulmonias", the characteristic transport of the Port.



Without leaving aside the new Observatory in Mazatlán, which has a funicular, a museum, a sanctuary and a sky bar. The ideal place to enjoy the incredible sunsets that the Pearl of the Pacific gives us.



The traditional restaurant Cuchupetas, considered the most emblematic of the Port. Manuel Sánchez, known as “El Cuchupetas”, a name that his uncle nicknamed him, opened its doors 34 years ago (1987).



His beginnings were at his mother-in-law's house with only one table, he began to sell seafood and that was where Sánchez decided that his restaurant would be called the same as “El Cuchupetas”.



Due to the success he obtained thanks to the excellent quality of his dishes, he had to buy the house on the corner on Jesús Carranza street, where he currently continues, later he was buying several houses in the same area to expand his restaurant.



This seafood restaurant is recognized for hosting celebrities, politicians and businessmen. The tradition is that the founder of the restaurant takes a photo with these characters and these are displayed on the walls of the establishment.



Aguachile, fried fish with crispy skin, prawns and huge ax tripe are some classic dishes of Sinaloa cuisine that hundreds of tourists who visit El Cuchupetas prefer.



The funniest way to get to know Mazatlán on four wheels. It is presumed that the Mazatlan Miguel Ramírez in 1965 observed some motorized cars with only 3 wheels that were used to distribute goods, but these were not successful, Ramírez had the idea of ​​turning them into transportation for people.



It quickly began to be a very popular attraction, which caused shipments of other public transport, rumors began to spread to tourists and locals that if they got on that transport they could get pneumonia. This only generated interest from people and they took advantage of the peculiar name to use it to their advantage.



The main characteristics of a pneumonia are: white cars that do not contain doors or windows, it has a leather awning and a compartment in the back, they fit between 4-5 people and most importantly they have a stereo for tourists go through the port with your favorite music.



In the same way, they offer tours where the driver becomes the main guide, you can visit: El Malecon, Historic Center, Paseo Olas Altas, El Faro, Cerritos, La Marina, etc.



A magical place to learn about culture, nature and appreciate the best views of Mazatlán. Located in the Cerro del Vigia with a panoramic view of the port. It was originally built by Mazatlán residents as a military observatory to avoid confrontations with enemies and to help protect the city.



In 1873 the course of the Observatory took a turn and it became a site for meteorological and seismological activities.



Currently we can find in the Observatory: an agaviary, skybar, observatory museum, a chapel, art gallery, funicular, “El Nido” sanctuary with a great variety of birds and a folk dance show.



It is an excellent tourist attraction to enjoy and live a unique experience on your visit to Mazatlán.



You can enjoy all these activities in a more comfortable and accessible way by staying in a hotel on the beach in Mazatlán so that, in addition to enjoying the sea, you can complement your stay.