Why go to the aquarium in your view to Mazatlán? :

Without a doubt, the Mazatlán Aquarium is one of the most amazing in the entire republic, it is in front of the sculpture of some children feeding a Dolphin, in Mazatlán Sinaloa.



It has a variety of species and activities that make it one of the most interactive aquariums in the region, has various exhibitions such as:

-Diving in a pond with cat sharks, snappers and surgeon fish.
-Exhibition with tropical birds such as scarlet macaws and Moluccan cockatoos where you will learn everything about their habitat, their care and their food, you will definitely have a good time.
-Exhibition of predatory birds where snakes, birds of prey and a fox are found, you can interact as a true expert.
-Exhibition of sea lions, a great show with several copies that were rescued, here you will enjoy tricks along with their caretakers and hours of absolute fun.
-The only frog of its kind in Latin America
-A botanical garden that has more than 75 species of trees, among more flora.
-You can meet a medusary, and see the most eccentric flamingos.



One of the greatest attractions of this place is the oceanic fishbowl, considered one of the largest in Latin America.



Costs: adults $ 115.00, children $ 85.00.



No doubt all the exhibits in this magnificent aquarium are worth visiting; you can enjoy with family the shows that sea lions, birds, have prepared for you, observe the wonderful fish tanks, and for that you do NOT need to pay large amounts, since this port allows you to travel cheaply and with the comfort you need; so that you do not run out of room, the best option is to book where you find different coupons of up to 10% in their different types of accommodation, do not think about it and come to Mazatlán Sinaloa!